Home Office

The homeowner was lacking organization as there were no assigned “homes” for things. As a result, things were randomly placed in the room.

Once they understood a “place for everything, and everything in its place”, along with some simple filing structure, the home office turned into an organized and efficient workplace.

home office with desk, bookshelf, bulletin board and other décor pieces home office with a neat desk and an organized bookshelf

Attic Closet

This small closet was in the loft/attic space of the house. The original closet was a clutter hotspot with items randomly thrown into it. We added a chest of drawers for storage and a shoe rack to make it more functional.

small closet with slanted ceiling small closet with slanted ceiling plus a 4-drawer dresser


This family has been living in the home for a couple of years and the unfinished basement was a dumping ground. We sorted, reorganized and containerized the items, and added shelving to keep items off the floor.

boxes, paint cans, building materials, Christmas trees and other items are scattered a futon, a mattress, a blanket and other items are stored in a narrow space in the basement

Basement Storage 1

We maximized the narrow storage space in the basement by adding a mattress and other items where the futon already was.

a futon is stored in a narrow space in the basement a futon, a mattress, a blanket and other items are stored in a narrow space in the basement

Home Office

This home office was covered in all sorts of paper and things. After much decluttering, we made the room more inviting by switching the location of the couch with the large desk. The room is now airy and more functional.


paper, boxes and things are all over and under the desk.
a desk, couch and bookshelf in a room with lots of stuff everywhere
a red chair surrounded by various items


8b - after 1
8b - after 2

Basement Main Space

This basement was not the priority when this family first moved in. As a result, it turned into a clutter magnet with many items of various categories. We sorted, decluttered and relocated items to other parts of the home leaving only a few items the customer wanted here.

a variety of items are stacked all over this living space in the basement suitcases and a few boxes are stacked along the walls of the basement living space

Basement Office Space

The family wanted to convert this part of the basement into a home office, so we helped them declutter and set up a functional one.

lots of stuff scattered all over this part of the basement living space home office space with bookshelf, printer and shredder in the basement living space

Basement Storage 2

By adding adequate shelving, items are now stored neatly. There are also empty shelves for future items for this growing family.

random items are strewn across this space boxes and other items are neatly stored on the shelves


The original closet had too much hanging space but not enough shelving. The sliding doors also served as an obstruction. I recommended the double hanging space to be shorter so that shelving can be added to one side. They were ecstatic with the results. This simple modification gave them exactly what they needed.



large closet shelves and double hanging space