Pam was referred to me to help with the overwhelming amount of boxes of documents in my basement. She was methodical, organized the paper mountain and create systems that make files easily retrievable. Because of her efficiency and attention to details, I was able to focus and be more productive in other aspects of my life.

S.V., Toronto (entrepreneur and busy mom)

I hired Pam for various decluttering projects in my home office, from editing to creating systems for my files. This also led to organizing other areas of the house. Pam is detailed oriented, each project had been performed with accuracy and completed on time. I would definitely recommend Pam for her expertise and organizational skills.

A.M., Burlington (Accountant)

Pam and her team are really wonderful to work with! They take all the hard parts of organization out of the work for you, super efficient, very friendly and they are all so kind.

Our house would be a much worse off place if it weren’t for Zen N Organized! Highly recommended for any kind of project your embarking on, if it’s just one room, spring cleaning, packing for storage or a move this team will get you where you need to be!

J.D., Hamilton (Young adult on the move)

Zen N Organized was extremely helpful in reducing clutter and bringing order to my kitchen, basement and garage. We went through a process of removing duplicates and unused and unwanted items and put them into the donate area or garbage. When everything was put away in a permanent home there was order and organization. I was so thrilled I continued the process with bedrooms and the family room. The kids are now much better at keeping their rooms and our common spaces tidy since everything now has a home. I would strongly recommend Zen N Organized.

M.C., Oakville (Busy mother of 3)

Pam did a wonderful job in organizing our basement which has been our dump-yard 😃. She and her partner completed the job in just 4-5 hours. Her pricing and time estimate is very fair and accurate and the work is very impressive.

N.A., Oakville (Young mom and entrepreneur)

I became disabled and soon found I couldn't keep up with my housework. As a result the kitchen became cluttered and unwelcoming. A friend then gifted me the services of Zen N Organized. Best gift ever! Pam and her team treated my home with respect and checked in with me often as the work progressed. I'm really happy with the results, her organization & fantastic baskets have made it easier for me to manage in the kitchen with my disability.

P.O., Toronto (Limited mobility)

Provided exceptional secretarial and organizational service in our offices, pre and post tax fillings. Highly professional.

D.O., Hamilton (Small home-based business)

I cannot thank Pam, owner of Zen N Organized, enough for her invaluable service in helping me to de-clutter and organize my office. Having a mix of work and personal items spread throughout the office, bins full of old correspondence and documents, and far too many books on multiple, messy shelves, I felt overwhelmed with the process of organizing this on my own. Pam’s keen sense of office aesthetics, knowledge of what and how to file, persistence and general ability to motivate me made the time fly and the job easily completed. A testament to her system working occurred over a month later when I was quickly in need of an old letter. After I took a minute to think, I knew exactly where to find it! In the “personal / to-do” file we established during her visit. Previously, that note was in the bottom of a bin, stacked in another room. My office transformed into an area I began avoiding to a tidy, organized, ideal office space. I truly could not have accomplished this on my own – thank you, Pam!

K.L., Oakville (Teacher with lots of paper)

Pam and her team are exceptionally good in what they do. They don’t have an approach one size fits all. They will find out what is important for you without you having to stress about it. It is a life changing experience!

L.K., Hamilton (Professional with lots of interests)

I have discovered a best kept secret – Zen N Organized with Pamela Wong. I just retired and I was in need of massive decluttering and I could not get motivated by myself. I found ‘ZNO’ and especially since I have so much paperwork, it goes so much quicker working with Pam. I even wore out one shredder and am now on my second. This process has been SO productive and I am looking forward to working with Pam in an on-going basis to do closets, etc. I highly recommend Pam’s very professional services – really the best kept secret and I hope I can help spread the word.

K.B., Burlington (Retired professional)

Pam was punctual, organized and a real pleasure to deal with. Ideas were realistic and affordable. Would highly recommend if you need a little help getting your home organized!

M.P., Hamilton (Blended family)

I appreciated the assistance in getting organized and in strategic planning of the critical path of my home-based projects.Your assistance was affordable, professional, logical and intuitive and was very constructive in helping to overcome the barriers to personal and professional organization that I was facing. The lessons learned from working with you will reap benefits beyond the projects on which you helped me, which gives me great confidence going forward to tackle tasks ahead.I can’t say enough to describe the major improvements we made with some minor changes to set-up and thinking, and I could not say ‘thank you’ enough times to express my gratitude for your warm, logical and efficient assistance.

H.S., Mississauga (Busy professional with lots of projects on the go)